Lately, it seems every other day you read of a data breach, credit card hack and most recently the Cambridge Analytica fiasco involving Facebook.  These events could make anyone hesitant to utilize their database to its fullest potential.

But in direct marketing, your most valuable asset IS your data.  It can tell a story of more than just where you live and when you gave, its reach can be significant.

Since the late 1990’s, Lewis has worked with a number of data management resources. We have the ability to take your donor base and create a profile of your ‘ideal donor’ using over 300 demographic and psychographic touch points as well as current DM activity.

This non-political profile allows you to:

  • Target messaging to your different audience’s interests – including seniors, juveniles, work places, etc.
  • Cost effectively reactivate lapsed donors.
  • Improve your ability to better select prospects with similar characteristics of your profitable donors.

Let us show you how we can help your DM program maximize its reach.  Call us at 443.573.2300 today.